Things To Avoid For Your New Modular Home

Buying an existing house can seem a little overwhelming, but for some people, it’s often not as stressful as building a modular home. That’s because as with any major life decision, there’s usually a lot at stake, so it’s important to get it right.

The process of modular building is not the same as building a traditional house, with a few different yet essential rules and regulations to be aware of. Thankfully if you’re armed with a clear vision of your wants and needs, with an experienced modular builder, it’s actually pretty easy to avoid some of the more common mistakes.


Wrong Design

With so many designs available for modular houses, some people struggle narrowing it down. It’s super easy to get excited about all the seemingly endless possibilities, resulting in a design that’s much too large and well over budget. The opposite will happen if you’re trying to cut corners wherever you can to try and save on the costs, ending up with a plan that’s way too small and doesn’t have all the features that you need.

Finding the perfect balance here is critical. That’s why having a clear list of priorities separated into a column of must-have features that are non-negotiable and a wish list column of things that would be great to have, but you can still live without. That way, you and your builder can work together to find the right size design that includes as many wish list items as possible.


Avoid 1



No Future Planning

When choosing the layout of your modular home, try to think ahead a few years and carefully consider how any known or possible future impacts. For example, you should ask yourself if there will be enough room if there are any new additions to the family, as well as how significantly your family aging will affect the ease of access and enjoyment of your home.

By keeping the big picture in the forefront of your mind, both today and ten years down the track, you can be certain that your modular home will be able you grow with you and the rest of your family.


Avoid 2


Incompatible Builder

One of the first and most crucial decisions that you’ll make regarding a new modular home will be when you decide on a builder. When making your choice on the best one for you, it can actually be pretty a tricky decision that should be based on more than just good prices and nice-looking designs.

It is just as important that you feel comfortable communicating and sharing all of your wants, needs, and ideas with your builder, and they are also willing and ready to work together with you as a team. That way, you can be sure to create the perfect modular house together, which you can then turn into the perfect home you’re sure to fall in love with.



The best way to ensure you get the most suitable modular home for you is by creating your plan with a professional builder. Call the team at Westbuilt today and let us help you create the modular home of your wildest dreams.