7 popular modular home design and inclusion trends


Are you looking for inspiration for your new home design? Are you wondering what other people are including in their customised modular homes

Well, to help you visualise your next home coming to life, we have compiled 7 stylish design features that our clients are currently putting in their homes. This list is not exhaustive and is only a starting point, but we hope it will give you a little inspiration!

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Walk-in showers and wall hung vanities



This modern feature has been a massive hit in recent years. It is a fantastic way to modernise your bathroom with either a tiled wall or a fixed shower screen. Add in a wall hung vanity and your bathroom makeover is complete. 

Plus, there are a few excellent benefits that are associated with doing your bathroom this way:

  1. It is generally a better use of space, especially if you don't have a bath.
  2. The space is much easier to clean, with fewer corners and less glass!

VJ tongue and groove feature walls

Another popular feature is the old "VJ" panelling. Pop this timeless panelling on a feature wall in your bedroom or living area for an inexpensive and stunning feature. 

VJ or Vertical Groove panels come in assorted styles, and you can paint it in any colour. One practical bonus about VJ panelling is that it is very, very hard-wearing. Suppose you have a high traffic area or children's playroom where the walls are likely to get dented easily. In that case, VJ panelling is a smart option!


Bifold doors to entertainment areas



Servery windows

While we are on the subject of entertainment areas, let's talk about servery windows. These are popular now, mainly if you use your outdoor entertainment area as a dining space. Shorten the food trip to your table and make it easy to get the dirty dishes back again! I mean, who wants to do a long walk with that full bowl of curry? 


Screening on decks

Okay, now we've got a bit of a theme going. You've got a full plate load of your wife's/husbands/partners – the cooks – hard work in front of you! The last thing you want is flies or moths interrupting the excellent time you've got going. Many of our clients choose to combat insects and make their outdoor dining experience more enjoyable. To do this, they fill in their main outdoor entertainment area with flyscreen or midge mesh. This gauzing adds a layer of protection to your outdoor area and makes it so much more functional.


Federation style homes


The next trending feature is "Federation" styling. What's the fuss? Well, traditionally, modular homes are made with a lower roof pitch due to transport height restrictions. However, we've developed an innovative folding roof system that allows your roof to fold down while in transport then be raised again once onsite. It gives your home that added layer of sophistication and has great aesthetic appeal. Check out some designs here.


Ducted air conditioning

Lastly, ducted air-conditioning is getting requested a lot at the moment. While it's not always the best option for remote areas, it's a cost-effective one if you're looking to air-condition your whole home. Plus, with today's inverter technology, it is very efficient to run. With zones for each room, you can also shut off the area's that don't need to be cooled or heated to make the system even more efficient.

Download our Modular Home Look Book

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