Customer Story - Laurie & Marilyn Blacklock

"Westbuilt’s architect was amazing. We went back and forth with small modifications to the plan until he had it exactly how we had imagined."

We live on a large property and wanted a station homestead. The time frame for local builders was too long. As we’re in a remote area, they only wanted to work one week on and one week off to be with their family.

After a lot of research, we contacted Westbuilt and spoke with Jim. He put me onto a lady in Cloncurry who has a Westbuilt home, and we organised a visit. We went out specifically to look at the workmanship and quality and were extremely impressed with both.

Jim then flew out from Warwick to meet us. The first thing he asked was what we wanted from Westbuilt. We had a list of five main things:

  1. Communication
  2. Attention to detail
  3. A white roof
  4. No mixer taps and
  5. Coach lights out front

Jim spent the time asking questions and going through the plan we had prepared. It was very specific as it was a big home that had to sleep up to 12 people and have a large living area. We had a fairly clear vision of what we wanted as it needed to fit into the station in a particular area in a particular way. He also had a booklet with photos so we could choose everything from taps and basins to skirting boards. It was very helpful.

Right from the start, communication with Westbuilt was very easy. We flew down to Warwick and met the team and everyone was extremely helpful. They showed us all the houses they had in various stages of building. It really helped to understand the process, see the quality, and refine exactly what we wanted.

We were taken to carpet and tile outlets to choose what we wanted. And we selected our own kitchen. Everything went smoothly. Westbuilt’s architect was amazing. We went back and forth with small modifications to the plan until he had it exactly how we had imagined. Towards the end of our build, we returned to Warwick to see our home in its final stages. They were very accommodating.

The delivery went like clockwork. After our home arrived, the builders were here for three weeks putting the verandah on three sides, painting, and adjusting all the sliding doors and windows to make sure they were perfect. The electricity and plumbing were connected and someone from Westbuilt walked through the house making sure everything was exactly right.

There was one small crack that happened during the trip, which was not surprising as the house travelled approximately 2000 kilometres. It was repaired and everything was finished off properly. On the last day the supervisor walked around with us and looked at every little thing, before handing over the keys.

We’re really happy with everything and there’s nothing we would change. Our home is large, and it wasn’t cheap, but it was definitely value for money.

Communication and attention to detail was exactly what I wanted, and we now have our white roof, great taps and coach lights out front! We highly recommend Westbuilt and welcome anyone to come to our home at Julia Creek for a walk through and a chat about our experience.

- Laurie and Marilyn Blacklock

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