Customer Story - Greg & Lorraine Bannerman

"Westbuilt definitely had the best layouts, the best finish and as it turned out, great staff to talk to."

We recommend Westbuilt all the time – to many people.

Even though we had renovated a lot of homes, this was our first time building. We spent months researching a lot of builders in Dubbo, Tamworth, Armidale, and Westbuilt looked to be of the highest standard. Westbuilt definitely had the best layouts, the best finish and as it turned out, great staff to talk to.

All the way through the process the team was very friendly, very accommodating, and simply wonderful people to deal with. They always answered our questions (no matter how dumb the question was) or were quick to come back to us with an answer, often within the hour. The open communication made for an easy journey.

We were also relieved to find they weren’t pushy at all. There was no pressure at any stage. They put everything on the table. We could choose what we wanted, they offered suggestions and alternatives, and when we needed advice it was there.

Many of our friends have built their homes using builders and had all sorts of hassles when they wanted to change something. We didn’t have that experience at all. Even in the build process, if we needed a change, the team was very willing to sit down and work with us.

Fortunately, we were able to organise a trip to Westbuilt’s Warwick centre before border closures happened. We had our plan drawn up ready to discuss, but knowing what we wanted, they said come and have a look at one we’re building for someone else and see what you think. It was the best decision, as it turned out to be a much more suitable design.

Once lockdowns happened and we couldn’t cross the border to see the progress of our build, the staff were terrific. They went out of their way with zoom calls and photographs. They really kept us up to date.

While the build was happening, we had a lot of rain and had to put off delivery as the block was too wet. It was a relief to know the house was still being built indoors, despite the heavy rains. We were thrilled to achieve our time frame of the house arriving before Christmas which wouldn’t have happened if the house was built on site.

When our home was delivered, it arrived a little earlier than they thought. The post holes were still being dug. The team were very cooperative and worked hard to get the house on within two days, and the verandah on in another three.

The finish on our place is amazing. We only had one small problem – a funny noise when we walked down the hallway. I rang the foreman, he flew down two days later and fixed it. The Westbuilt team was so flexible. Nothing was a bother.

Would we change anything? Yes. We did the right thing (we thought) and supported our local plumber and electrician instead of getting Westbuilt to organise it. It took ages to get them to come out. If we had used ones Westbuilt recommended, it would have been done a lot quicker.

All up Westbuilt was fantastic. From the office staff through to the people putting it together, they were reliable, efficient, helpful, and friendly. Our granddaughter watched it being put up on the block and the building team even engaged her. We couldn’t ask for better people to deal with.

Since settling in, we’ve had people come out and have a look through. We show them everything and tell them about our positive experience. We know three people who’ve been through and loved it and will build their home through Westbuilt.

- Greg & Lorraine Bannerman

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