Customer Story - David & Mandy Cady

Westbuilt’s draughtsman Brent was great. Every time I took him an idea or a photo he said: “Yes, we can do that.”

We first heard about Westbuilt as our neighbours had a Westbuilt home. We’d never built before, only renovated. We had plenty of experience though and had done the groundwork having lived in other houses and had family who had built houses. We knew what we wanted and were looking at our options. After seeing our neighbours’ home, we decided to go to the Westbuilt factory, and it started from there.

Westbuilt’s draughtsman Brent was great. Every time I took him an idea or a photo he said: “Yes, we can do that.” The team was also able to look at our ideas in practical terms and suggest something that might work better.

First, we started with a budget and looked at what we could get for that price. We only needed a small house as we have large sheds on our property and one of those can cater to visitors. They suggested a couple of designs and we began looking at how we could change the designs internally to suit our needs.

After choosing the best design for us, - a mixture of the basic range with extra features - we worked with the Westbuilt team to modify the plans. We adjusted the dimensions of the rooms and altered the kitchen, changing it from an open plan to a closed kitchen. We had an ensuite in the plan, so we added a toilet in the laundry.

Something that was important to us was to make sure our home could cater to some of our elderly family members now while considering our needs in the future. We looked at things like trip hazards and ease of mobility and changed the stairs at the front to a ramp, and now we love our ramp! 

The Westbuilt team was always available to talk to or to send someone to check out the site. It made it easy for us as we live close by so we could go to the factory at any time and check out the progress of our home. 

Westbuilt worked with all the tradespeople and those we met on-site were helpful and easy to get on with. Just letting Westbuilt handle everything was fantastic. They were so good. 

The build happened during the Covid period, at a time when building supplies were short and costs were going up. We only experienced a minimal increase in cost and Westbuilt was able to come in on budget. 

When it came to the delivery, the wet weather was a challenge, but we were staying elsewhere, and we got there in the end. With the weather conditions, it would have taken a lot longer to build the house on the site than in the factory.

Now we’ve moved in, we absolutely love our house, and it really feels like home. The quality of the build is great and there’s nothing we would change. We have a relative who is an architect and builder, and he was very impressed. 

The process of working with Westbuilt was seamless. They’re lovely people to deal with. Every change we suggested, they said ‘Yes’ and then made it work. I have nothing but praise for Westbuilt and have recommended them to other people in our area. In the end, they’re very professional, reliable and deliver what they say they will.

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