Customer Story - Debby and Gary Burns

“...the lovely Wayne Sanderson arranged to meet us on site. At the end of that meeting Peter had signed up. We couldn’t believe it could be that simple.”

We had never really thought about having a relocatable home, but after looking at the options and seeing how it (would be) delivered, how it would be finished, we decided that maybe it was a good option for us in the fact that we could sort of build what we wanted.

We discovered Westbuilt Homes through a friend, got online, had a look at their website, and checked out all their options. We then followed up with going over to Warwick and having a look at their homes over there. Even though we weren’t in the same state…every Friday…Jim would send us an email with photos of the progress of our home. So we were able to see at what stage things were up to and also had the option of changing things if we weren’t happy.


Our four bedroom home only took twelve weeks to be completed and after that it was delivered to our property in three separate sections and then it was clipped together a bit like a jigsaw. So we went from eight o’clock in the morning not having any house to five o’clock in the afternoon having a house on our land.

The house actually arrived with all the electrics and plumbing internally all done…as well as the kitchen and bathrooms. It was (also) painted, the tiling was all completed. We then had the front deck and the back deck to be completed and I think it was about a process of maybe three weeks and we were able to move into our home. We would thoroughly recommend Westbuilt Homes as they not only give you a great finished product but the customer service is A1.

What we love about our Westbuilt Home is not only the design but the finished product. The fittings and the finishes are top quality. What you pay (extra) for with other builders is standard with Westbuilt Homes and that was something that we loved about them. Having this home has actually exceeded our expectations. We probably didn’t expect such a wonderful home and every time I drive up my driveway I think, “I love this house!”


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