Customer Story - Ken & Tracey Jackson

“...we decided then that if we ever built a home it probably would be a Westbuilt.”

We moved from Mackay, from a cane farm up there, and came to the area (Tablelands), more or less downscaling I suppose you could say. 

All the kids have left home and they’re at the Gold Coast or Brisbane, but we didn’t want to live in their pockets so thought well…this is a nice quiet place. 


Westbuilt Homes, well we’d actually seen their ad going back…a good ten years ago.  And we decided then that if we ever built a home it probably would be a Westbuilt. Everything about Westbuilt comes to the front as far as ease of building and that. Well, Westbuilt does pretty well everything for you. 

Where it is with the view and everything, the picture window in the kitchen, when you sit down at the table and have a look out…you’ve got a beautiful view. 

The escalation of this house…it arrived one afternoon. The next day the two main pieces of the house were together and the verandah arrived the next afternoon and the next day it was attached so there was no messing around. 

We’re very happy with the house, how it’s come up and…the size and everything. We were maybe a little bit apprehensive that we’d bought a house too small but… looking now, definitely not. 

We would definitely recommend Westbuilt Homes to anyone who was looking for an easy, carefree build. 

- Ken & Tracey Jackson

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