Customer Story - Robyn Twell & Jim Fullerton

“...It is fantastic. It is a beautiful home. It is absolutely A1 quality.”

I thought about (building) a kit home. That was in my mind…a kit home. So we started looking at that. We looked at a lot (of builders). Still wasn’t keen on the designs (that were available) and then my husband found Westbuilt.

We didn’t want anything ultra modern. We like the old Queenslander style. Not so much the old…but the style of house. So we were looking for something (specific), and when we saw Westbuilt again, it fitted that mindset that we had.


They were very prompt in response…and then agreed to meet us onsite here on the land. We talked about what we wanted, went through the whole process, what was going to happen, how they built their homes. Very impressed with their processes. Very professional but very friendly.

This is not an easy site (to build on). It’s a difficult site. We had some issues. We had weather issues. But everything still ran like clockwork which I found to be absolutely amazing. 

This is our retirement house so we wanted something fairly simple but comfortable. We used one of their designs which is this house, which is the one we stuck with, with modifications. 

With Westbuilt it is very simple, they have a way that you can look at plans online which we did. And they’d be drawing the lines and saying, “Is this what you want?” And we’d say “Yes.”

So you don’t have to have face-to-face (contact) all the time. It was very easy using technology. Very simple. We turned it round so that the front door is now at the side. It had a verandah on three sides, this now has a front deck and a back deck. It is fantastic. It is a beautiful home. It is absolutely A1 quality. Everything we expected and more. The house is here. It is beautiful. I’m very happy, extremely happy.

- Robyn Twell & Jim Fullerton

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