Customer Story - Lou and Dean Anderson


Four months after ordering our home it was delivered!

We picked one of the worst times to build! Covid was starting to hit, building suppliers were scared and there were problems even getting a face-to-face meeting. We live in a remote area and there was a two year wait for local builders. 

So, we decided to go with a modular home. It was appealing to have a one-stop-shop where everything was built onsite and coordinated for you.

We studied a lot about modular homes before organising to go to Warwick and meet the team at Westbuilt. We weren’t aware there was such a choice of styles available. We were pleasantly surprised to find we had a lot of flexibility.

Westbuilt helped a lot! They invited us to have a look at display homes and there were a couple we got ideas from. We then saw a couple of homes being built. Lou even got underneath for a look and was impressed with the structure they were built on. After many conversations we came up with the design we wanted. 

One of the design changes we made was to have a higher pitched roof than normal. At first, the team couldn’t understand why we wanted higher ceilings and no fireplace… until we explained how hot it gets where we live!

The build process was extremely good. The team sent us plenty of progress photos, called us with updates and we did a few zoom calls. We also decided to go to the factory in Warwick a few times just to watch it all coming together. 

All the Westbuilt employees were great. We picked all the fixtures and fittings online - in one hit. It was a bit daunting, but we had support and advice all the way through. Every query we had they addressed and if they couldn’t answer they would take it to someone who could or point us in the right direction. 

Four months after ordering our home it was delivered! We must admit, we had reservations about having our house built 800 kilometres away. On the day of delivery, it was a bit daunting, seeing two halves come on a semi-trailer. The house is all tiles. With any other house, if you transported it 800klm I doubt all the tiles would be intact. Ours were!

We live in a small community and were quite the talk of the town when we put this house on top of the hill. When we posted photos of our home on Facebook we had so many calls from people asking questions. As a result, Westbuilt sold another two houses!

We’re extremely happy with the house, the build process, and the team at Westbuilt. It’s been a pleasure to do business with them. They are very professional, honest, and easy to deal with and gave us peace of mind from start to finish.

Update: Recently we experienced the worst storm we’ve ever been through. There was hail for half an hour as well as a twister. We’re on top of a hill with no wind break. Big gum trees came down, but the house wasn’t affected at all. It stood strong and we didn’t lose a thing. 

- Lester (Lou) & Dean Anderson

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