Can modular homes be architecturally designed?

22 September, 2023 | by Westbuilt Homes

Modular homes have risen in popularity recently due to their fast turnaround times, eco-friendliness and feasibility for builds in remote locations.

Can a modular home be moved again once it’s been assembled?

30 August, 2023 | by Westbuilt Homes

Modular homes are houses made up of modules which are constructed in a factory and then transported on trucks for assembly on a block of land. Because of this, many people assume that modular homes can be classified as "removable" homes.

Winter Warmth on a Budget: Mastering the Art of Efficiently Heating Your Modular Home

14 July, 2023 | by Westbuilt Homes

As the autumn leaves give way to the first crunch of frost and the lingering scent of wood smoke fills the crisp winter air, it's time to unravel a trove of clever, budget-friendly strategies to transform your modular home into a warm, energy-efficient winter haven. This journey involves diving deep into insulation options, heating solutions, and...

Modular Homes: Debunking 4 Common Myths

8 June, 2023 | by Westbuilt Homes

Modular homes have been gaining traction in the housing market. With a national housing shortage and construction time frames continuing to stretch out, it’s no wonder that Australians from all walks of life are looking at alternative options. Modular homes can typically be designed, constructed and assembled in around 16 weeks, whereas a...

Customer Story - David & Mandy Cady

16 May, 2023 | by Westbuilt Homes

Westbuilt’s draughtsman Brent was great. Every time I took him an idea or a photo he said: “Yes, we can do that.”

Customer Story - Jan Scudamore

16 May, 2023 | by Westbuilt Homes

“I believe this is the way all homes should be built.” My husband and I had always been owner-builders. We were in the civil engineering game and knew quite a few architects and builders. When my husband passed away, I decided to sell up my big home. Being an older lady, on my own at this time of life, many people I knew were moving into...