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Design Focus - The Glenvale Range

26 February, 2021 | by David Westerman

We have been pretty busy back here redesigning and refreshing our popular Glenvale range of modular homes. With large open plan living area’s, big bedrooms, large kitchens and spacious outdoor living areas, these homes are the ideal Australian modular home!

FOR SALE - Premium Quality Modular Home

19 February, 2021 | by David Westerman

Due to unforeseen circumstances, these homeowners are unable to continue building their dream modular home.

Home Tip: How to care for your Timber Deck!

12 February, 2021 | by David Westerman

Your timber deck is one of your most important investments and really adds value to your modular home. On the flip side, a poorly maintained deck can be a major drawback to your home – let alone an eye saw!


5 February, 2021 | by David Westerman


Does relocatable home transport cause much damage to my new home?

22 January, 2021 | by David Westerman

One of our clients' most frequently asked questions is how much damage occurs to their home during transport. Of course, this is a pretty valid concern, and our broad-brush answer usually is to say that we design our relocatable homes to put up with the bumps and scrapes that come with transporting across QLD and NSW. You could say that a modular...

Project Spotlight – Bexhill NSW

22 December, 2020 | by David Westerman

If you’re looking for inspiration, then we’ve got the home for you! Back in 2018, we assisted Darren & Heath to custom-design their spectacular second dwelling near Bexhill NSW. The build included a modern style three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with minimalist styling and premium finish es. We have to say (and you will surely agree!) that the...